Parque España Parade España Carnival

Parque España Parade España Carnival

Themed after famous Spanish festivals and traditional Spanish culture, this parade is full of cheers and smiles. Let's dance together in a fit of merriment!

Flamenco Show

Flamenco Dancers Fascinate Guests with Their Showy Tap-dancing.

Impressive music sets the mood for each scene. Shima Spain Village offers you a realistic feeling of actually being in Spain, right here in Japan. With clapping and interaction between guests and dancers, this engaging performance draws in everyone including first-time visitors and guests with children.

Street Musical "Baile del Capitán: You are the Star of the Dance Fiesta!"

You are at a Spanish plaza bustling with preparations for a festival. Get caught up in a participatory toe-tapping street musical. You could be the star!

Character Show “A B C D ESPAÑA!

Character Musical Show Don Quixote and the Big Clock

A musical show with characters introducing the fun and passion of Spain, while singing the ABC’s in Spanish.

Night Spectacle "ESTIVAL FESTIVAL: The Summer Festival"

Parque España is open at night during Golden Week and summer holidays. Enjoy a night of spectacles with parades, projection mapping, and the fireworks and music of the Moonlight Finale.
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Fantasia of Light and Sound "Light of Isabella"

This show is an entertaining production of light and sound expressing the inner conflicts and the dreams and hopes for the future harbored by Isabella I, the first queen of Spain. Available for a limited time only.



Enjoy a juggling performance!

Get your fill of fun at the sparkling Circus Stage as street performers put on a show on-stage located in the center of Pierrot the Circus!

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